The volunteers contribute participating actively to the implementation of specific actions in the program. Among other things:

  • Monitoring of bird species targeted by the program,
  • under the guidance of experts, working at the first-aid station for wild birds, created in Korthi
  • providing information to visitors and local residents, by participating in tours and establishing notice boards,
  • participating in the creation of artificial nests for the seabirds on islets, patrolling the area, planting native plants and shrubs etc.

The group of volunteers is trained in providing first aid to injured and orphaned birds and chicks from the professional staff of the Association for the Protection and Welfare of Wildlife (ANIMA). Furthermore, the volunteers are trained in monitoring birds and their habitats and the threats they face, both through participation in the broad network of volunteers of the Greek Ornithological Society, which operates in Greece (IBA Caretekers), and through participation in many activities of LIFE program on the island. Volunteers will attend special training seminars, which are organized periodically in Andros by HOS and ANIMA.

This action is coordinated by HOS and is implemented in cooperation with ANIMA, the Municipality of Andros and NCC Ltd.

For more information about the Volunteer Group,  please contact us!

tel (+30) 22820 62319


—> registered volunteers only


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