Deliverables of the project


ANDROSSPA AFTER LIFE Conservation Plan (summary in English, p. 13)

Environmental Education kit (text in Greek)
1. Activities pages
2. Informational material
2.a Andros SPA presentation
2.b Informational pages
3. Supporting material
3.a “We are here too”
3.b “Hiding in a poseidonia field”
3.c “Eleonora’s Falcon and Bonelli’s Eagle in cultivated fields”
3.d Forests of Andros island
4. Copyright

Management Plan (text in Greek)
1.a. Management Plan (summary in English)
1.b. Annex I (tables)
1.c Annex II (land biodiversity study) (summary in English, p.2)
1.d Annex III (posidonia study) (summary in English)
1.e Annex IV (plant study) (summary in English)
1.f Annex V (maps)
2. Feasibility Study (summary in English)

Andros_SPA_Geodatabase (summary in English, p.4)

Favourable Reference Values in Andros (summary in English / full text available upon request)

Action Plans


Promotional material



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