Conservation problems:

  1. Lack of management planning, for the SPA, as well as of any management authority devoted to the conservation of the site
  2. Predation of alien invasive species such as Black rats (Rattus rattus) on the eggs and nestlings in the island colonies of the target species.
  3. Yellow-legged gull (Larus michahellis) predation on nests and competition for food with L. audouinii and P. aristotelis.
  4. Lack of suitable nesting habitats for island nesting birds.
  5. Reduction and abandonment of traditional agricultural practices on terraces as well as degradation of coastal wetlands causing reduction of insect and bird prey availability and F. eleonorae foraging habitat degradation.
  6. Lack of protection and management of H. fasciatus breeding and foraging areas causing, reduced Chukar and pigeon prey availability.
  7. Climate change threatening food availability and foraging habitat quality of F. eleonorae and H. fasciatus.
  8. Degradation of primary inshore seabird foraging areas due to human activities such as anchoring resulting in reduced diversity and abundance of seabird prey species.
  9. Lack of public awareness of threats and conservation of target bird species and their habitats as well as implementation of Natura 2000 network result in lack of public support and participation in conservation.

Threats and problems described above will be effectively dealt with in a series of actions implemented by the project partnership


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