February 2014 report

During February our team continued the interventions on the project islets. More visits were made to monitor the effects of the rat eradication activities on the local rat populations and for applying further measures where needed. Furthermore, the construction of more than 60 artificial nests for Falco eleonorae was accomplished. The preparation for the establishment of plant thickets has also continued and the actual intervention is expected to take place within March.

The cultivated project fields are being monitored regularly with field visits on a weekly basis.

The final revisions to the Management Plan were made, for it to be officially submitted to the Ministry of Environment.

Concerning the Environmental Education material, it has already been set to the graphics designer in the way to the final printing. A number of information events for local teachers and also of pilot implementation of the material has been scheduled for the next 2 months, in order for the schools to be ready to use it by the next academic year.

A programme of activities for the members of the LCG is underway, which will be finalised soon and communicated to all LCG members. An agreement was reached with a local courier in order to transport wounded animals within the island, to and from the first aid centre and the port.

All partners participated in the project’s dissemination event organized in Athens, at the offices of the European Commission, on the 10th of February.


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