April 2014 report

During April, NCC team in collaboration with the project coordinator, the local team and the volunteer group, carried out the plantings of action C3 at the islets of Dysvato and Kalogeros, using the project boat. A new planting pot system (Groasis Water box) was used to improve the watering conditions for the plantings. 20 such systems were used for planting 50 Pistacia plants in both islets. Each pot contains 20 lt of freshwater. The pots were filled with water from a large water tank that was placed on the project boat. A portable water pump and 100 m of flexible water pipe were used by the Municipality team for watering the pots. More than 500 lt were transferred to the islets in this way.

Oiling of Yellow legged gull eggs took place was also carried out in the same islets. In total more than 60 nests with 102 eggs were oiled.

Concerning the environmental education activities, a large presentation to school teachers of Andros was organized in the last days of the previous month with very successful results.

Monitoring of the island´s inland avifauna was carried out by HOS Field researcher (monitoring concerned namely the Bonelli’s Eagle, passerines and wetland birds). The Mediterranean Shag census, covering the whole island’ coastline was also carried out at the beggining of the month.

Regarding the Local Conservation Group, several meetings were held between the LCG Coordinator and the Municipality team in order to organize different activities. A small “Birdwatching tour” in Paraporti, Chora, was organized on 27 April, with the participation of over 30 people. A small field guide with the common birds of Andros has been prepared, while an improved edition is expected in the following months. A new edition of the volunteers newsletter is under preparation.

In collaboration with the project communication coordinator, the contents of the new updated version of the project leaflet, which is going to be produced soon, were decided and photos from the project activities were selected to be used in the leaflet.

Final details are being sorted out and the interventions to the project wetlands and the pigeon lofts are to begin soon afterwards.

Finally, regular patrolling and surveillance takes place according to the plan all over the project area (land and sea).


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