August 2014 report

During August our team made a number of visits to the project islets to monitor the performance of the project actions in respect to the Falco eleonora’s breeding activities. The numbers of nests and eggs of the species have been recorded in the islets of Theotokos, Dysvato and Kalogeros.

The implementation of action C3 in the islet complex of Dysvato and Kalogeros continued, providing irrigation water to the pistacia plantings.

In collaboration with the project coordinator, arrangements are made with a British filming team from Animal Planet for firming the Theotokos island colony in September. Such a development is hoped to make a serious boost for the international dissemination activities of the project.

Also, our team carried out migration surveys, focused primarily on raptors. Eleonora´s Falcon monitoring survey was postponed to September due to bad weather conditions (strong winds made it difficult to carry out the census from the sea).

Finally, August has been a very busy month in respect to visits to the exhibition center and leaflets distribution.


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