September 2014 report


During September our team continued the maintenance of the planted vegetation on the project islets, the monitoring of the eleonora’s falcons breeding performance and artificial nest occupancy rate in the species colonies.

Data analyses for the FRV are being implemented and will carry on in collaboration with BirdLife Cyprus during the following months.

The preparation of the caparis plantings has started intensively and relevant communication with plant experts, including soil samples analysis has been carried out. We expect that the action will be performed by the end of October.

Almost all mooring buoys have been installed (and already used) and few remaining will be installed as soon as weather permits.

Regular patrolling and surveillance continues as usual in land and sea.

Regarding the SPA Management Scheme, it will be fully operational (following August  1, 2014 Municipal Council Decision), as soon as the new Municipal Authority enacts it.

A filming team of an Animal Planet/Discovery Channel producer has visited Theotokos island, assisted and supervised by our team, and carried out extensive filming to be used for the promotion of the species and Andros island as a bird watching destination.

Work on the project Album Book is carried out, coordinated by the Project’s Communication Officer.

The project DVD is finished (a few editing “touches” are being carried out), and it will be oficially presented, as soon as some administrative issues are sorted out.

Finally, preparations for the organization of a Caretakers seminar that will take place in October at Chora, Andros, have started.


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