October 2014 report


During October, the NCC team continued the preparations of the additional plantation activities for pistacia and capparis shrubs. Experts have been contacted to assist and relevant arrangements have been carried out. Implementation is pending, depended on the transfer of the 2014 EC pre-financing payment from the Municipality to NCC, which has been delayed for the past 2 months creating cash flow problems.

Moreover, during October NCC together with the Municipality, in collaboration with the Agricultural University of Athens, prepared a new Life Nature proposal focusing on riparian alnus stands of the Natura site, as a follow up of the present project. The proposal has been submitted for funding under the 2014 call.

On October 12th, HOS in collaboration with the municipality team, carried out an educational seminar for the members of the Local Conservation Group. The aim of the seminar was to further train the volunteers on bird identification and survey techniques, as well as to deepen their knowledge on the legal framework of SPAs and nature protection, in order for them to act as “caretakers” of their own island. At least four of the participants will join HOS caretakers network seminar to take place in November.

On October 18th & 19th, two events took place in two main towns of the island, organized by our team and Athens Agricultural University, about the importance of local crop varieties in modern agriculture.

Bad weather conditions prevented marine operations almost throughout the month, but land patrolling and surveillance continued normally.

Collaboration between all partners for the final editing of the Album Book carried on
throughout the month.

Finally, regarding the overall administration of the project, a list of events follows:

Following the beginning of the new Municipal Authority term of office on September 1st, the Project Director requested from the appropriate persons in charge for a working meeting to take place, in which all current issues regarding the progress of the project should be addressed.

On October 10th and 25th, the Municipal Council of Andros took two decisions; The first, to suspend any official procedures regarding the approval of the Management Plan (which had been sent to the Ministry of Environment on 28-4-2014) and revoke it for further studies and consultation. The second, to suspend the operation of the SPA Management Scheme till the Management Plan is re-submitted (the SPA Management Scheme had been established on 1-8-2014, with a Municipal Council decision).

On October 29th, a working meeting took place with the participation of the project partners and the municipal authorities. All main issues regarding the project progress were discussed, in view of the recent municipal decisions.


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