March 2015 report


During March, after a long period of bad weather preventing the field work in the project islets, the weather improved and our team, in collaboration with external experts and field workers, continued the intensive implementation of actions C1, C2 and C3, by applying the rat eradication campaign to the islets of Gavrionisia and Mandilou, starting the yellow legged gull control campaign for this season at the islets of Gavrionisia, Mandilou, Kalogeros and Dysvato and by replanting pistacia shrubs and planting Capparis plants at the islets of Kalogeros and Dysvato.

The project boat and the NCC inflatable boat were used for the implementation of these actions, for transport of the field team, the plantings, irrigation water and other field materials.

The actions will continue in the following months, either through the completion of remaining gaps, or though the monitoring activities after rat eradication. Certainly a large number of visits is foreseen for the irrigation of the plantings, in order not to have the negative results of the previous planning season.

Another pigeon tower has been identified as suitable for the project, an agreement has been made with the owner and in the coming days, after some minor improvments, pigeons will be introduced (action C4).

Regarding the restoration of the coastal wetlands, it has been decided to ask for a formal permit from the state, for the interventions to be made. For this purpose, the necessary procedure has already been started (action C5).

Due to extremely rough seas, some floating parts of the seagrass friendly moorings have been destroyed. We are currently planning to replace them as soon as possible (action C6).

Although the SPA Management Scheme is ready to operate, the final member appointment is missing by the Ministry of the Environment, which is delaying to send it. The Municipality is trying to overcome this last obstacle for the Management Scheme to operate (action C8).

Patrolling and surveillance continued throughout the month, both in land and sea (action C9).

An HOS field researcher surveyed for several days the island in search for old and new territories of Bonelli’s eagle. Two out of three of the known territories were confirmed to be occupied.

In addition, a small meeting was carried out between the LCG members and HOS field researcher about Bonelli’s eagle field identification techniques (action C7).


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