July 2015 report


During July the NCC team, together with the Municipality team continued the irrigation works at the Dysvato and Kalogeros islets for the shrub plantings. Water tanks were filled with the water twice, to cover the irrigation needs of the plantings. The boat water tank and pumps, as well as more than 150m of water pipes were used for the transfer of water on the islets, where water tanks and irrigation systems have been previously installed.

The second meeting of the SPA Management Committee took place on July 27th and a thorough description of the project actions was presented in order for the members of the Committee to have a good understanding of the project. The application of a new project proposal for the management of the terrestrial and marine components of the Andros natura sites, involving also the monk seal and its interaction with fishermen, was also discussed and, finally, a presentation was made of the proposals for collaboration with the Cyclades Life project in the coming months. Also, the organization of a beach cleaning event, organized by the Municipality with the help of the LCG, was discussed. Among the participants were the representative of the Ministry of Environment, the local Forest Department and the Hellenic Ornithological Society.

Two events were organized on July 16th and 17th in Korthi and Gavrio with the collaboration of the LCG and the Municipality team, for releasing birds that had been sent to the Wildlife Rescue Centre (ANIMA). The events aims were to inform the public about the project and to release four Eleonora’s Falcons.

Unfavourable weather conditions prevented patrolling and surveillance activities in marine areas, which continued normally in land.

On July 26th the cooperation with the local coast guard authority was upgraded and a joint patrol took place, using the project boat, with the participation of two coast guard officers and two project team members.

Finally, during August a photographic exhibition of the project activities is being organized to take place in Batsi, the most touristic part of the island. The project documentary will also be presented.


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