August 2015 report


During August the NCC team in collaboration with the Municipality team continued the irrigation efforts at the islets Kalogeros and Dysvaton, for the pistacia and capparis plantings. Monitoring activities for the Falco eleonorae colonies were also carried out and will continue during September.

The LCG carried on its activities, participating in the wetland cleaning event organized in Ateni by the Municipality of Andros, as well as organizing a couple of birdwatching excursions.

More injured birds have been reported and our local team intervened accordingly, either by providing first aid at the Korthi first aid center and then tranferring the birds to ANIMA in Athens, or by checking on the spot that the bird was OK and/or unreachable.

Patrolling and surveillance activities continued normally in both sea and land.

During the whole month, a project exhibition has been operating in Batsi, at the northern part of the island, which attracts most of the tourists. Photographs of the project activities, as well as the project documentary were presented and members of the local team were explaining all project details. The exhibition, which is open every day, is still attracting many visitors and it will last till the first week of September.


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