October 2015 report


During October, the NCC team continued the processing of Falco eleonorae monitoring data and collaborated with the Municipality team for the further maintenance of the planted shrubs at the project islets. During the visits to the islets, the plantings were found to be in a stable, if not improved, condition, without any watering needs, so the automatic irrigation systems were stored for the winter. Also, a number of artificial nests were identified as needing maintenance, which will be planned in the future.

Throughout the month, the Municipality team visited all the schools of the island and discussed with the teachers the importance of the protected areas, the activities of the project and the environmental education kit.

The operation of the Project Exhibition at Batsi was extended in October, due to the constant flux of visitors.

An agreement was made with the Kaireios Library to use part of its farmstead near Apoikia for establishing an educational agricultural garden for the cultivation of traditional local varieties with the help of the Municipality agriculturist and the Agricultural University of Athens.

ANIMA sent ten pairs of pigeons, which were introduced to one of the project pigeon towers.

The yearly boat service has been concluded.

In the framework of the EuroBirdwatch Day, HOS and the Municipality of Andros organized several events to celebrate this important international day aiming to increase the public awareness about birds. The project’s documentary was screened at the LIFE Project Exhibition at Batsi, as well as a presentation of the importance of birds in Andros. The following day, a birdwatching excursion was organised with the volunteers of the LCG in the north of the island.

The 3rd SPA Monitoring Committee was held in Chora, Andros on the 2nd of October.

Furthermore, an assessment of the technical and financial progress of the project has been made through a special project meeting organized, to decide whether a project amendment request should be applied together with the December progress report.


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