November 2015 Report


During November most of the project fields were cultivated and seeded with barley for the season. Work will contunue in December. The project small tractor is being extensively used.  Also, following an agreement with Kaireios library in Chora, Andros, a farmstead owned by the library was given, to be used as an agricultural garden by the project. A part of the farm has been fenced, cultivated and is now ready for tradditional local varieties to be grown (using seeds collected by the Agricultural University during the past years), in order to produce more seeds for distribution to farmers. The garden will be maintained by the municipality’s agricultural scientist, with the help of the local team and interested volunteers, under the supervision of the Agricultural University. This garden will also help promote the project, since it will be a visiting spot, especially for schools.

Three more injured birds have been treated in the project’s First Aid Centre and later sent to ANIMA for further treatment.

Also, ANIMA has sent additional pigeon pairs, which were introduced in Kapparia pigeon tower.

A large group of interested people from Syros island visited the project exhibition and were informed about the project. Also, students of the local high school visited (with their teachers) the project excibition, as well as a nearby wetland and were informed by the project team. Finally, a special presentation of the project was given for the members of Andriots Union, in Athens.

The progress report is being prepared to be submitted in December.


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