February 2016 Report


During February our team continued various routine activities, mainly in respect with the cultivated fields, the agricultural garden and the pigeon towers, with regular field visits and work as needed.

Maintenance work was done for some of the moorings in Achla bay, which had sustained certain damages due to hard weather conditions. Minor repairs and improvements are schedulled for the rest of the moorings.

An HOS field researcher arrived for the Bonelli’s eagle early spring field surveys.

All arrangements have been made (agenda, invitations, e-mails, phone calls, etc) for another meeting of the SPA Management Scheme, which is schedulled in the beginning of March.

Finally, dissemination activities continued with the presentation of the project in one of the oldest Andros societies in Piraeus. Also, the project will be promoted with its informational material, in all national and international tourist exhibitions that the municipality participates in, beggining with Milan in mid-February and Berlin and Paris next month.


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