May 2016 Report


During May the NCC team in collaboration with the Municipality team continued maintenance work at the project action sites. In Steno islets two new wildlife ponds were created for providing fresh water to the birds colonies and for refilling them, the water tanks already installed will be used. Work for the agricultural garden continues (aleady, the first seeds were collected and new ones have been planted for the summer season).

A three days visit was made at Gyaros island to monitor and study the local yelkuan shearwater colony, as part of the networking activities with the LIFE Cyclades project. The two projects boats were used by the field teams of the projects partners.

HOS carried on with the monitoring activities in the field such as monitoring of Audouin’s Gull colonies (which as last year, have split in two) and the breeding performance of the two Bonelli’s Eagles pairs (one of which has failed to raise a chick this year).

The project prolongation and amendment request has been prepared by the project coordinator in collaboration with the NCC team.



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