July 2016 Report


During July the NCC team continued the monitoring activities in the project islets, in close collaboration with the Municipality team.

Discussions for the after Life continuation of the project have started.

A number of meetings and mail exchange for the formulation of the Ministerial Decision for the zonation of the SPA site took place between our team and the Ministry officer, as well as with the head of the Ministry’s biodiversity department. Preparation of the decision is still in progress and the results are expected soon.

An increase of calls for injured birds has been observed, resulting in more birds receiving first aid and transferred when necessary to ANIMA in Athens.

In addition to Korthi Exhibition Center, a project exhibition has been established in capital Chora and it will be open till September. In display there are photographs of the project activities, as well as the project documentary. The exhibition, which is open every day, attracts many visitors and it will last till beginning of September.


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