October 2016 Report


During October the NCC team together with the Municipality coordinator continued the collaboration with the Ministry of Environment officers, for the preparation of the Ministerial decree for the approval of the SPA management Plan. The final draft of the decree has been revised and is ready to be sent to Natura 2000 Committee for providing a formal agreement.

Preparations for the repeat of the rat eradication campaign at Gavrionisia islets are being in progress, and bait has been purchased for this reason.

Planning of different activities to be carried out by the LCG during the winter months are underway. Additionally, final analysis of the data collected in the monitoring activities carried out throughout the project duration is also underway.

Regular patrolling at the project areas continued normally throughout the month. On October 30th our team informed the Fire Department of a fire in Rachi area (south-eastern part of the project area), which burned 35ha of land before being put out.


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