January 2017 Report


During January our team continued the collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment for the preparation of the Ministerial decision that will result in the approval of the management Plan.

Preparations for the re-baiting of Gavrionissia islet bait stations have been finished by NCC team and field work will take place during February, in collaboration with the Municipality team.

Further collaboration with Dr Stavros Xirouchakis who is working for the scientific evaluation of the project impact on target species is taking place, in order for the relevant report to be prepared and submitted on time.

On the 13th the SPA Management Committee had a meeting concerning the ship that sunk in northern Andros and the subsequent pollution of the area, and up to date information was given by the coast guard authority. Our team continues the frequent patrols in the area.

The LCG organized an open event on the 21st of January at Chora. The event consisted of the screening of a documentary on the matter of the local varieties of seeds, sustainable farming and biodiversity conservation. It was organized in collaboration with Andros Film Association, Apigea and the Gaia Foundation. On the 22nd a bird watching excursion was organized in the northern part of Andros.

In the framework of networking and collaboration with other LIFE projects, HOS and Andros municipality team were invited to participate in a seminar for Environmental Educators of Andros, organized on the 22nd by MOm as part of their actions in the LIFE Cyclades (LIFE12 NAT/GR/000688). HOS presented the avifauna of the island of Gyaros and its importance for the conservation of the biodiversity in the Cyclades and the municipality team presented our project and guided the participants in a short walk in Andros SPA.

Preparations continue for the organization of HOS Caretakers seminar, which will take place in Gavrio, in February, and will focus on marine SPAs and bird species.

Finally, after long awaited rain, all the project fields are now cultivated for the season.


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