On Thursday, May 28, the first meeting of the Management Committee for the Special Protection Area (SPA) of Andros took place, following an invitation by the  President of the Committee  Mrs Heleni Politou, with the participation of all, agencies, local and state authorities and in the presence of the Mayor of Andros, Mr Theodosis Soussoudis.

The topics on the agenda were:

1. Establishment of the SPA Management Committee

2. Informing on Program LIFE Andros

3. Informing on the Management Plan, SPA  surveillance operations and supervision of the program

4. Purpose – Role of the Management Committee

5. Environmental pressure from a number of activities within the SPA and responses by the Management Committee

6. Function of the Management Committee (Communication – information sharing – responsibilities)


During the meeting, the Committee was informed by WWF about LIFE CYCLADES program, being implemented in the area of Gyaros island, with which LIFE Andros begins cooperation. There was also information on LIFE ANDROS Program from the scientific coordinator, discussed issues of environmental pressures from activities within the SPA and the operation mode of the Management Committee, while requested the opinions, about the way in which everyone, basis of competence, will help to protect the Andros SPA. It is noted that the operation of the SPA Management Committee is a mandatory action included in the LIFE program and initially operates in a pilot mode, ahead of the full scale management of the SPA, which is intended to be established in the near future.

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