Life Andros, which is realized with the contribution of the LIFE financial instrument of the European Union, was presented to the members of Andros Society in Athens.

The presentation was part of the promotional program of Life project, through which organizations and residents of the island have the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the project. Mrs. Eleni Politou, the responsible for the project municipal councilor, explained the project’s goals, as well as how it is being realized. Then, Mr. Isidoros Nikolaou, who is the head of Life Andros project, gave a detailed account of everything that has already been realized through the program and all future programmed actions that will take place until the end of the project (on 31st August 2016).

Following the presentation, the Society’s members watched the thirty-minute long documentary “Protecting the nature in Andros”. The documentary was sponsored by the Life project and promotes the natural beauty of the island. Most importantly, the documentary features Mr. Nigel Marven, a Discovery Channel reporter, who visited the island to document the life and reproduction cycles of Eleonor’s falcons.

After the video, the members of the Society had the opportunity to ask questions and discuss about the project.

The Municipality of Andros and Life project wish to thank the President of Andros Society, Mr. Mihalis Kapsampelis, and all the members of the board for their hospitality.

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