The Special Protection Area (SPA’s) Management Committee met on Friday, 4th of March, with the following agenda:

  1. Approval of the Committee’s regulations
  2. Dealing with problems in the SPA
  3. The relationship of the island authorities and the SPA

The committee includes representatives from the Municipality of Andros, the Ministry of Environment, the South Aegean Region, the Port Authorities, the Police, the Fire Department, the Forestry Department, the Fishermen Association, the Volunteer Forest Firefighters and the Ornithological Society.

The committee is a prerequisite for the LIFE project, but, it actually functions as a pilot program for the Managing Body, which will be established after the enactment of Andros SPA, given that this managing body will start operating after the project’s end this coming August. For this reason, the first item on the agenda was the approval of the Management Committee regulations. It was decided that the Committee will meet, at least, bimonthly and will focus on topics that have to do with protecting the SPA. It was, also, decided that the committee should be promoted in order for people to become acquainted with its function and actions.

For the second topic and on the basis of the answers that the bodies participating in the Committee have given through the questionnaires that had been given to them in the second Committee meeting and through the conversation that followed on the most important subjects (protection of Posidonia and fish stock, free grazing, fires etc.), it was decided that the committee should, hereinafter, place special emphasis on informing all interested, involved and professional parties about the laws that cover every kind of activity within the SPA (agriculture, livestock farming, fishing etc.).

As far as free grazing is concerned, all prevention and information actions will take place with the cooperation of the Municipal Committed for Unattended Livestock (that had been invited and participated to the meeting) and the Regional Unit of Andros, the Department of Agricultural Economy, the Forest Service of the Aegean Decentralized Administration (Andros’ Forestry ) and the Fire Department.

Upon proposal from the Fishermen Association’s representative, it was decided to put on the next meeting’s agenda topics that relate with uncontrolled fishery and other problems that the fishermen deal with. The proceeding of Maritime Spatial Planning and the upcoming conclusion of registering the Posidonia maritime meadows were counted as very positive developments.

As far as the SPA surveillance program is concerned, it was decided that the Committee will send a security plan to its members, who will be responsible for recording their suggestions for improvement and the obligations of each party. The plan will be discussed in the next meeting.

As far as the third topic is concerned, it was decided that for any problem or activity that endangers the Special Protection Area of Andros and comes to the attention of the Committee, either trough civilian reports or during the relative patrols (on land or sea), the corresponding body or party will be called in order to increase awareness and effective participation in the solving of problems.

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